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Affinity Roofing has focused on high-quality roofing and decking products that are virtually maintenance-free, and built to withstand the ever-changing demands of the Midwest climate. To ensure the highest quality workmanship–the company’s own dedicated team of roofers provides you with the expertise necessary to earn your complete satisfaction.


  • Blown-Off/Damaged Shingles

  • Tree Branches

  • Roof Leaks

  • Damaged or Worn Flashing

  • Failing Granules

  • Damaged Gutters

  • Rotten Fascia Board or Soffit

  • Too Many Roofing Layers

  • Splitting

  • Animals


Are you dealing with a roof that’s past its prime? Missing shingles, expired warranty, even sagging roof lines? Your home likely needs a full residential roof replacement or reroof rather than spot repairs. A total roof replacement or reroof project can be more cost-effective in the long run as spot residential roofing repairs can add up when dealing with an aging roof.

Where do you start? Call us today to set up an appointment for one of our professional residential roofers to visit your home. They will get accurate measurements while checking all facets of your roof from skylights to flashing to pipes. They will then review the reroof proposal, so you understand the full scope of the project and your options. With our no high-pressure sales approach, the choice is yours to make when you want to make it.

New roof installation allows you the chance to see any damages to your roof that might need to be fixed, giving you a clean slate for your brand-new roof. The quality of the roof is also increased because you aren't putting new shingles on top of worn ones, meaning your new roof will last longer.



New roofs help to prevent health hazards and keeping heat inside of the house. It also helps to make the home safer, have a higher value and contribute to saving the environment. Older roofing and roof shingles may have mold, bacteria and other health hazards in it. This contaminated the air inside of the entire home.



Roof installations for new or existing homes require professionals who have comprehensive knowledge of the roofing industry from products to techniques. While working with you to understand your budget and project scope, we work to install a roof that’s guaranteed to deliver results while bringing your new or existing home to life.

A professional roofer comes to the home site to get accurate measurements. We evaluate everything from chimneys to skylights so we can ensure the accuracy of your estimate. As a no high-pressure sales company, we prefer to be educators and help you to understand the process.


When you call AFFINITY HOME REMODELING AND REPAIRS to inspect your roof, we will look for:

  • Cracked or broken shingles

  • Missing shingles

  • Mold, algae, fungi, and moisture growth

  • Rot

  • Signs of age

  • Exposed nails

  • Leaks and gaps

  • Light beams

  • Stains, streaks, and discoloration

  • Shingle granule buildup

  • Signs of wind and storm damage

We will provide a full assessment regarding the condition of your roof to allow you to have full understanding of the current and future outlook of your roof. It will allow you to make an educated decision and be able to plan for future resolutions regarding your home.

Call for your FREE Inspection and Estimate [872] 222.3449 to schedule a visit.

FREE Inspection / Estimate
[872] 222.3449

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